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The  Toyota Hiace   is a sheer wood measuring 5,380mm long. Being an 12-seater van, it is no doubt the Hiace will leave your MPV and minivan far behind when it comes to length. If you think this wood is monotonous and like a tour bus, perhaps you’re right but from a positive point of view, it looks pretty sleek and stunning with exquisite style and an elegant stance.n detail, the front grille is ornamented with chrome and robust headlights, creating a simple but solid appearance at the front end. The front bumper is also reshaped to be stronger.The side is distinguishable with window outline and 15-inch alloy wheels which are slightly redesigned.Moving backwards, a dedicate design covers the rear car. A rare tweak standing out may be the taillights with some aerodynamic effects exposed at tiny fins.Beholding this boxy and upright van for a while, many of you might still feel the Toyota Hiace exterior  is nondescript and sometimes tedious. However, considering the main purpose of this iconic van and you will see all exterior details are sacrificing for the interior. From the low ground clearance for easier way to get in to wide sliding doors for a roomy space.

 Toyota Hiace 2018 Philippines: Interior

Due to its main function of carrying people, the Toyota Hiace interior is surprisingly spacious. There are totally four seat rows which enable to accommodate the entire family of 12 members. It’s necessary to reaffirm that the large exterior design has done a great work at giving all passengers ample head- and legroom.