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Engine & Fuel Consumption

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is available in only a single engine option. It is a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder, petrol engine which comes with Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control System (MIVEC). It has been tuned to produce a max power of 78 PS at 6,000 revs and generates 100 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 revs. Thankfully, Mitsubishi has provided two transmission options – you can either pick a 5-speed manual gearbox or go for CVT.

The less power of the engine is compensated by an aerodynamic design and lightweight (1,305 kg gross). This allows the Mirage G4 to achieve a top speed of 172 kmph. The lightweight and aerodynamic design of the car also helps it in extracting out the most from a litre of fuel. Mitsubishi claims that the Mirage G4 is capable to give a fuel efficiency of 21 kmpl.

Braking & Safety

The braking duties on the Mirage G4 are handled by ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. These are aided by ABS and EBD. Together they make sure that the car stops at the earliest without losing grip or control. Also, the lightweight and aerodynamic design of the G4 enhances its stopping capabilities.

There are a few safety features that you’ll find in the Mirage G4. They include front airbags, front seat belts with pre-tensioner, ISOFIX, reverse camera, ABS, and EBD. The G4 also got Mitsubishi’s RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) Body, that ensures the safety of all passengers. The body structure’s crumple zones effectively absorb and disperse crash energy from all directions, ultimately protecting the cabin. The G4 has also won the ASEAN NCAP Grand Prix Award for Adult Occupancy Protection in the Mini Car Category.


The changes on the outside that Mitsubishi did to make the Mirage G4 look different than its hatchback sibling worked wonders. The whole character of the car changes with the way it looks. While the Mirage appears to be sportier, energetic, and youthful, the Mirage G4 tends to give an impression of a much mature car with calm, bold, and composed looks.

The front end of the Mirage G4 has been done extremely well. Its bonnet has got these subtle lines that not only adds to the overall looks of the car but also helps in the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. The big and nicely designed headlights complement the single-piece grille, which proudly holds the Mitsubishi logo in the centre. The bumper doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of design, but somehow it manages to gel right in, perhaps, because of the nice chrome touch around the fog lights.

The Mirage G4 looks handsome even from the side, thanks to the multi-spoke alloy wheels, and the mild character lines that run from the front to the rear. The sloping roofline of the G4 merges nicely with the rear, where things are not that interesting. There’s a pair of simple-looking taillights, and a horizontal chrome slat on the boot lid.